The Moderate Majority Has Awoken!

For too many years Israelis have been living in fear. First suicide bombers, then rocket attacks, now knives and tunnels and who knows what tomorrow will bring. For too many years we have been submissive, burying our heads in the sand until the next round, the next terrorist attack.

It’s time for the moderate majority to wake up, to stop giving in to despair, to extremists and to terror, and instead to generate change. Amazing things have happened in Israel, things that have not happened anywhere else. A state was established from scratch; was built, sustained, and protected: and we are not prepared to lose it. We will not let our enemies decide Israel’s future. Only we will determine our future: all the moderates; together.

DARKENU is a grassroots movement of the Israeli moderate majority. The movement adheres to the following four concepts:

  • A security arrangement in the form of two states that will lead to a political solution of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.
  • Fulfillment of our founding fathers’ dream – Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and a democratic country for all its citizens.
  • Social justice and civil solidarity.
  • Eradication of all forms of racism and discrimination.

The movement is active nationwide and is run by a committed team of both staff and volunteers who are taking their future into their own hands.